Specially designed for high-achieving women with huge roles in their organizations. These programs help executives who are interested in finding the highest version of their own being.


My signature services are designed to accelerate results. They are intensive coaching and life strategy programs that support your capabilities. These programs are not for everyone. They are designed for high-achieving women with huge roles in their organizations. My clients are often trying to balance the demands of work with their own self-care. Clients include directors of non-profits, hall of fame real estate agents and CEOs of major consulting firms. These executives are interested in finding the highest version of their own being. Please review the following:


This is a program steeped in self-discovery. We work together to uncover core values and we develop a plan based on your specific goals. When you decide to commit to Mission North Star, you commit to a higher awareness of yourself and the desire to reach your maximum capabilities. Every Mission North Star participant receives a field guide. The field guide is your map as we travel this journey together and includes recommended reading, creative practices and project planning.

For every individual, Mission North Star is a powerful call to action. This is an opportunity to work through your toughest challenges and obstacles in a safe, confidential environment with an expert who can help you get the result you want. Mission North Star is a 6-month program. It’s life changing.

The benefits of Mission North Star include:

  • A deep understanding of your own value.
  • The ability to operate from your centered core.
  • The realization of your own possibilities.
  • An appreciation of key relationships – how to attract them and manage them successfully.
  • The discovery of your own inner courage.
  • Self-awareness – and the ability to crush self-doubt.
  • Clarity of vision and proactive direction.
  • A deep appreciation of what you’ve learned from earlier setbacks and vulnerabilities.

The discovery of your own North Star and the life you desire.


You’ve graduated from Mission North Star. You’ve made one of the biggest changes in your life. You’ve accomplished your goal. Now, you’re living your goal. And as you live your mission, we’re working together to keep on track, to keep the ship from navigating off course. You have an ally who is working with you to steer through the new venture. Destination I is designed for you – 3 months, 6 months or longer. You define your program.

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If you are ready for change and have the ability to put time into your future, let’s work together. Give me a call or send me an email.